Legendary Bloodlines and Breeding

Information on our breeding program

Quality is our highest concern at NGG Alpacas/Castle Hill Farm

Our Breeding program is designed to produce the finest Suri Alpacas by maintaining legendary bloodlines while breeding for key phenotypic traits. Some of our founding herdsires include: PPeruvian Ganador and PPeruvian Uribe/Durazno

Here at NGG Alpacas/Castle Hill Farm, we possess some of the vintage foundation bloodlines of the greats. We also realize that bloodline and name brand are not enough to progress our beloved Alpaca into the coming decades. Therefore, w
e work to progress the Alpaca breed and Suri phenotype by breeding for genetically well-rounded animals, possessing and propagating their desirable characteristics.

Our breeding program revolves around several crucial elements:


In our Breeding program, our foremost concern is toward the continued improvement of the Alpaca breed. We work to provide a solid bloodline foundation to benefit generations to come. Our Breeding program consists of the following elements:

  • Natural health vitality:  We make sure to keep our animals in the best of health. Only Suri's possessing the greatest natural vitality are considered for the breeding pen. This is extremely important in any breeding program regardless of the many genetic traits we strive to improve. Health is the first step toward high quality fleece. 

  • Fiber: Our bloodlines continuously produce luxurious fleece. While voluminous quantities of the highest quality fleece are always expected out of our herd, we strive to maintain genetically well-rounded animals for continued breeding.

  • Feed conversion: We do not use feed hormones or excessive additives in raising our animals. Instead, we look for individuals that naturally demonstrate an efficient feed conversion rate. Only individuals who possess this trait are considered for the breeding pen and we continue to enhance this trait through careful selection.

  • Temperament: Only individuals that possess a high tolerance to potentially stressful situations with a mild disposition are chosen for the brood pen. As a commercial farm, we find it important to breed animals that coexist well with us as well as other herd members. This ensures that all animals live in a low-stress, cooperative environment. Our fleece/companion animals are particularly appealing for this reason.

  • Conformation: We select only individuals that possess sound bone structure with the potential for breeding offspring worthy of the show ring. We breed for durable animals, capable of various terrains and  lifestyles as pets or livestock. 

In a continued effort to enlighten others and carry the torch for the next generation, we at NGG Alpacas are in great hope that both the Showman and the Stockman can unite in perspective for the good of this unique breed. Diversity, durability, and vitality must always come first if this wonderful breed is to compete with the current livestock choices we are accustomed to in the United States.

At NGG Alpacas, we guarantee health and pedigree!

  • Fiber: Our bloodlines are capable of producing competitive quality and volumes as should be naturally expected, however our breeding program focuses on so much more the just fiber. If this were the only goal it would be easy for anyone to specialize but truly the diversity of this fine stock animal would never be able to advance, for very few have the knowledge to truly undertake our aspect of total herd improvement.
  • Updated June 17, 2019